Most Popular Online File Editing Service

Are you trying to find the best online file editing service to start your project? Typing the keyword will bring you to different results. Most of them are proofreading and editing service, whose job is perfecting the existing document. You are looking for the online website that could help you to create and edit the new document, right?

Google Docs

Google Docs
No doubt, Google Docs is the number one option when it comes to online editing services. It could be connected to the users’ Google accounts and One Drive as well. While working with Google Docs, the users can work on three different file format: document, spreadsheet and power point. This awesome editing service also enables agen bola online editing. Many members could edit one document from their own place as long as they have the access. Moreover, Google Docs could be linked to the blog or website. If there is any updates, the link will be updated as well. There is one flaw, though. This online editing doesn’t have a chat room. Any discussion should be done through another application: Gtalk.

Popular Online File Editing Service

– Zoho
If the users love integrated online services, then Zoho is the best offer to take. Why? It appears as the upgraded version of Google Docs. First of all, the users could create and edit any document, presentation or spreadsheet files. There is also sharing options. What makes Zoho different is the feature to manage the contributors in separated groups.  The users could also have a live chat with the contributors in a simple tab. This feature is included in Zoho, so the users won’t need additional app. Any documents stored in Zoho sites could be linked to the blog or website. However, the users will love how they could make their documents public.

Most Popular Online File Editing Service

– ThinkFree
This online editing service brings an ease for those who wish to work offline as well. There are two versions of ThinkFree: the online website and the desktop application. In order to access the full feature, the users need to synchronize it with their online account. While working offline, the users cannot only view and edit the existing file, but also create new document.  Starting the online project discussion is quite easy. There are a lot of websites that could provide the services you want. Pick one of the online file editing service mentioned above and you are good to go. Keep in mind to choose the convenient one. Happy working!


How To Start Using Google Docs: The Online File Editing Service
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How To Start Using Google Docs: The Online File Editing Service

Among all the online file editing service, Google Docs is the most popular one. Many people love it because the documents could be linked to their Google account. More or less, Google Docs works like mini online Microsoft Office. Even sharing documents is as easy as sending an email. So how can we start using it?

1. Sign In
In any online websites, the first step to do is signing in. If the users donÆt have Gmail account, it is time to create one. This account later on will be used to sign in into Google Docs. For those who already have Gmail account, go directly to Google Drive website.
Then, use the Gmail account to log in. The users will be directed to new page. Choose ôcreate a new documentö button. Next step is choosing the document type. Then, the users could start working. It is also possible to work with existing document in the usersÆ email or upload the files from the computer.

2. Share the Documents
After typing the necessary points, the users might need to share it with the other parties. To do this, hit the ôshareö button on the top bar. Then, the users will be asked to determine who will be the contributors and what they could do to the documents. Simply type the email address of the contributors on the box. Then, choose the role by clicking the button under the email box.
The usersÆ colleague will be notified that they are required to contribute to the document via email. They will see a link on the email body. Then, they could start working on the document.

3. Editing Document With Partners
If the users are not familiar with Google Docs yet, it is suggested to do editing in real time. When all the contributors are working, there will be multiple text entry cursors. It is possible to observe what kind of revision they do to the document. The real time revision will not make each contributors uncomfortable. In fact, they could also discuss the changes made by each other via chat box.

When the users miss the real time revision, Google Docs will still keep the copy of each editing for them.  It is exciting to start a project with friends and colleagues. Before the fun begins, donÆt forget to familiarize yourself with Google Docs. This step is important, so you could run the discussion and take notes smoothly. After all, online file editing service needs to be set before use.