Affordable Resume Writing Help

Writing a resume is an art to present oneself in the best possible way to showcase the fact that an individual is the best person suited for a job.  It’s like putting on the best makeup one can wear to feel and sound the best during the job selection process.  It’s such a makeup if presented well can change lives by landing up with the best possible jobs.  Hence candidates who understand the importance of a resume these days, knows very well that no matter how well they might have prepared a resume will need a professional touch to glam it up.  So that it stands out when picked up with a bunch of resume by the prospective employer.

Now all good things on earth come for a price and so resume writing helps are also costly when assisted by experts as it is a life changing advertisement for a candidate.  Not everyone can afford a $300 or a $500 price tag to write a resume hence there are people who will settle for a lesser amount to get help for writing a resume.  A different segment needs to be categorized to a different segment of service providers.  In fact everyone has a right of a good looking, informative resume that can change their life with a job they want.  So options are also there in abundance.  There is high cost to moderate cost to low cost options available for resume writing.  There are multinational corporations, national corporate and individual freelancers doing the job, hence the price varies.  Now the question is of affordability which as a will vary from one segment of the society to another but there is surely a price range which can define a service as affordable to all.


It’s important to understand what cost one is willing to pay to receive a service which a candidate perceives as affordable resume writing help.  Here for the service to be widely accepted by a segment or population the perceived price in the mind of the candidate should match with the perceived benefits of seeking affordable resume writing help.  Only then we shall have occasions where in candidates will buy the service willingly and the profitability of the industry will be geared up by volume.

Now let us understand that what can be the most affordable resume writing helps we can get from various channels.

  • A popular website offering the service at a price for example $50 just for the construction of the resume.  Here data gets filled up online by the candidate or one uploads their self done resume.  The back end collates the information after collecting payment from the candidate and delivers a well groomed professionally looking resume on time with in the turnaround time.
  • Secondly a candidate may connect to a local placement agency that does a resume building job as well and for a price between $60 and $85 paid in advance and makes a resume over a few discussions with the candidate.
  • Thirdly there are freelancers who get connected to the service seekers through social networking sites and local classifieds to deliver the job at times for a lesser amount which the websites and the agencies are charging.

To promote this as a business it’s important for a candidate to understand how good or how poor they write their own resume.  This can be tested in free seminars organised among the college students, amount the students of professional colleges and among the students of management institutes.  Once they sit down to write their own resume they will realise soon that it really takes an effort to write a nicely finished resume and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  And as because a resume should also necessarily carry its first and lasting impression there is no second chance for a resume to look and feel better to some prospective employer.  Hence the service must be affordably available to them.  Experienced executives shall look for a premium service and will not mind paying some extra fees to make their resume look outstanding as, the competition also narrows down as one moves up the ladder.

Hence market for affordable resume writing help has to be explored among the first time job seekers and among candidates with work experience less than five years and also among executives who settles in a job for less time line as they will need to redo their resume from time to time for too many experiences.  The market to offer affordable resume writing help is huge. They also do grammar check for resume. The points to remember in offering the service are as follows:

  • Who are the customers?
  • How will one operate in the market?
  • What is your price and why? As customers will avail the service only when the perceived price intersects the intercept of perceived benefits.
  • How can be the service made available to the mass so that the business gets the advantage of volumes.
  • What extra are you giving to your customers so that a customer comes back to you year after year and refers you to his family, friends and peers?

Therefore price range, style and segment defines an affordable resume writing help that can be offered to a particular market as the demand is huge and the number of experts is few.

 Although proofreading is important task in resume writing so it is essential for each one to know the proofreading process.  These are some proofreading links for your knowledge: