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Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves or our ideas. The more we are aware of how much it is important, the more we can monitor or understand the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language.

The purpose of correct English, i.e. proper spelling or grammar, is to ensure that whatever you have written or you want to say is exactly deliver to others. If they can’t get what you actually want to convey, your whole post will be pointless.

Unclear or poor communication is the biggest dilemma caused by using incorrect grammar when writing or speaking. Minor grammatical mistakes can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Consider the following sentences:

I don’t want nothing from you.

• I don’t want anything from you.

 In first sentence, two negatives are used which creates a positive construction while the next one uses one negative and one positive which creates a negative construction. If you want to say that you want a pen, a paper or some other thing, first sentence will be used. However, if you want to tell your friend that you already have everything you need, the second one will be used.

grammar check servicesPoorly written grammar may become obstacle in your success. If you are applying for a job and you have your resume with lots of grammatical errors, a company recruiter may see you as less intelligent than a candidate who has similar skills. If you are working at MNC and presenting presentation which is not looking professional, you won’t gain anything. Therefore, it has become mandatory to proofread your document.

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