Minor grammatical mistakes in your document

Grammatical mistakes in written English are annoying whether they are minor or major and it affects your reputation. When we are writing, we think our written work piece is perfect i.e. free of errors but this is not the case. It is very general and common that we avoid or ignore some minor mistakes in grammar or think that they are not so much important or who  will  going to notice these minor mistakes, however, this not the truth. Don’t live in such illusion. The only thing which is noticed by qualified persons in your document is your grammar.


From the following examples you may know about some common mistakes which you have probably done.

  • I sneaked round the back not I snuck round the back.
  • We have vocal and spinal cords, not chords.
  • Police are coming not police is coming.
  • I have good news for you, not I have a good news for you.
  • Men are national beings,  not The men are national beings.
  • Women are there not womans are there.

If you can count them, you have fewer of them; if you can’t, you have less.

 • Less time but fewer minutes.

• Less height but fewer inches.

• Six items or fewer, not six items or less.

 Periods of time take less rather than fewer.

 • The bell rang for less than 60 seconds, not fewer than 60 seconds.

 • Low prices and cheap items; high temperatures and hot weather.

Not cheap prices or hot temperatures.

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