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Submit your documents with perfect English

English plays vital role in everyone’s life. It has a power to enhance or degrade your reputation. In companies, business or organization you can stand out of crowd only by writing and submitting error free reports, dissertations or documents. Readers will be interested in reading flawless documents. Everyone detests documents which are ridden with grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. It doesn’t matter how many number of words, sentences you have written. The only thing which matters is to how many lives you have touched. Your writing style should be so attractive and impressive that can mesmerize everyone in a very first attempt. Therefore, it has become necessary in every field that your document is written with perfect English.


By having proper documents, you may achieve desired position or gain more marks. Some minor grammatical errors or spellings you generally ignore and remain unnoticed while you are writing, this ignorance affects your designation adversely.

By using best online proofreading service or grammar check service, you can be sure that your document will be ready or polished for submission to your university.

Editors and proofreaders make your documents perfect in English by performing following functions:

• Eliminate repeated words and correct spelling mistakes.

 Editors take your document for examination of any repetition of words and they remove all duplicate words for maintaining consistency.

• Ensure the correct usage of capitalization and contractions.

Editors make sure that you have used correct capitalization’s at right place.

• Ensure that all dialogue is correctly formatted and punctuated.

• Ensure that punctuation, including parentheses, ellipsis points, hyphens and dashes, are correctly implemented.

• Ensure that your sentences are structured correctly.

Looking of a document is also matters a lot. If your document has poor looking, no one will read it.

After performance of all these functions by editors, students or any individual can present 100% correct document.

Minor grammatical mistakes in your document

Grammatical mistakes in written English are annoying whether they are minor or major and it affects your reputation. When we are writing, we think our written work piece is perfect i.e. free of errors but this is not the case. It is very general and common that we avoid or ignore some minor mistakes in grammar or think that they are not so much important or who  will  going to notice these minor mistakes, however, this not the truth. Don’t live in such illusion. The only thing which is noticed by qualified persons in your document is your grammar.


From the following examples you may know about some common mistakes which you have probably done.

  • I sneaked round the back not I snuck round the back.
  • We have vocal and spinal cords, not chords.
  • Police are coming not police is coming.
  • I have good news for you, not I have a good news for you.
  • Men are national beings,  not The men are national beings.
  • Women are there not womans are there.

If you can count them, you have fewer of them; if you can’t, you have less.

 • Less time but fewer minutes.

• Less height but fewer inches.

• Six items or fewer, not six items or less.

 Periods of time take less rather than fewer.

 • The bell rang for less than 60 seconds, not fewer than 60 seconds.

 • Low prices and cheap items; high temperatures and hot weather.

Not cheap prices or hot temperatures.

Proof Read My File provides online grammar check service, online editing service, proofreading service through which you can remove these kinds of common grammatical errors and can present flawless document. You can submit your essays or assignments to us for proofreading at any time, day or night. We will serve your needs in a best way.

Importance of homophones in your document

Rely it or not, you are only judged by your grammar skills whether you are a businessmen or research scholar. An email, letter, research papers, dissertations, reports or any document may be the first impression of your firm or organization. You obviously know that a single or minor mistake involving a comma or a full stop can portray an unprofessional image and may spell disaster for your business.

online proofreading service

If a paper, essay, assignment or any document is not proofread meticulously before it is turned in, a document that may have deserved an “A” grade may earn “D” just because of minor mistakes such as misspelled words, misplaced commas or full stops, improper homophone. A homophone is a word that sounds like another but is spelled differently and means something different. If you are not using proper homophones, it will change whole meaning of a sentence and may ruin your business. Therefore, proper knowledge of homophones is very important.

Examples of homophones are:

using accept instead of except, advice instead of advise, affect instead of effect, cite or sight instead of site, loose instead of lose, principle instead of principle, quiet instead of quite, then instead of than, their  or there instead of they’re, too or two instead of to, whether instead of weather, and whose instead of who’s.

You should be sure that what you want to say is what actually appearing on paper.  In hasty life you may not get time to revise your document. Don’t be panic. Proof Read My File is here with its best online proofreading service which ensures you that your writing is meticulously checked by at least 2 of our experts to make sure there aren’t any errors at all. Syntactical errors are fixed, grammatical errors are corrected and your document is checked for good style and flow, both of which are essential for good and impressive reading.

Proofreading and editing services for academics, business or organizations

Every student needs to write attractive thesis, essays, dissertations or assignments for submission. If these are well written, it will take you one step closer to your academic goal. While content plays prime role in academic writing. Good or impressive content will help you stand out, while poorly written document can cause unnecessary rejections. Poor grammar and clumsy sentences can cause misunderstandings.

Nowadays Proofreading is playing crucial role in business sector. One minor blemish draw off ones interest from the entire piece. If you send out emails, reports, papers or any document that are poorly written and have spelling or typos errors, your whole impression suffers. Any document or piece of work is ridden with punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors becomes cumbersome for anyone to read and debilitates the reliability and wastes your whole hard work. Carelessness is conveyed through imperfect work.

online proofreading service

In addition to being necessity, proofreading and  editing service impacts positive impression on business. Proof Read My File is here which relieves you or all by providing best online proofreading service for reports, essays, and business papers. Here you can simply submit your essays, assignments, reports and papers for proofreading and editing. Our skilled proofreaders and editors will make your document 100% error free, impressive and professional.

Through this you can increase your credibility, enhance customer loyalty, gain lost reputation and even can increase sales and revenues. Scrutinize your work piece for any spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors. In today’s hasty life, it’s natural to forget punctuation that will impede the flow of your writing. If you are stumbling over a sentence, your readers will too.

Therefore, you should have good knowledge about grammar rules and have to apply them on written communication- from short content to lengthy business reports. Conscientiousness and precision should be maintained in business.

Give professional look to your documents through Online grammar check services

Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves or our ideas. The more we are aware of how much it is important, the more we can monitor or understand the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language.

The purpose of correct English, i.e. proper spelling or grammar, is to ensure that whatever you have written or you want to say is exactly deliver to others. If they can’t get what you actually want to convey, your whole post will be pointless.

Unclear or poor communication is the biggest dilemma caused by using incorrect grammar when writing or speaking. Minor grammatical mistakes can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Consider the following sentences:

I don’t want nothing from you.

• I don’t want anything from you.

 In first sentence, two negatives are used which creates a positive construction while the next one uses one negative and one positive which creates a negative construction. If you want to say that you want a pen, a paper or some other thing, first sentence will be used. However, if you want to tell your friend that you already have everything you need, the second one will be used.

grammar check servicesPoorly written grammar may become obstacle in your success. If you are applying for a job and you have your resume with lots of grammatical errors, a company recruiter may see you as less intelligent than a candidate who has similar skills. If you are working at MNC and presenting presentation which is not looking professional, you won’t gain anything. Therefore, it has become mandatory to proofread your document.

Proof Read My File provides online grammar check services, online editing services and proofreading services for fulfillment of your needs. It will make you able to present perfect document.