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Special discount offers on proofreading service

The more the demand of the proofreading services is increasing the more the competition in between different organisations offering the service. With the demand of maximum perfection of every aspect of a piece of text, written by various persons for various purposes, the proofreading service is observing a boom in demand of the service. Assignments, Home Works, Research Articles, Admission Proposals, and Research Proposals written by the students at various levels in academic sector are being increasingly sent to the professional proofreaders, with the demand of maintaining the best possible qualities so as to achieve the best possible grades and a competitive edge in the academic careers.

Proofreading service is important for academic and business writing

Various business communications are being sent to the proofreading services for maintaining the quality so that the reputation of the business houses remain unscathed, and at the same time, the business communications can achieve their purpose for which they are generated. The professional writers like prose and poem writers, the bloggers, and the article writers are all being very sensitive about having even a single error in their writing as, in this era of robust information network; even a single mistake can take a toll on their respective readerships. So they are also gradually being dependent on the professional proofreaders to make their piece of work error free and to augment the quality of those works at the same time.

proofreading serviceOwing to this steep growth in the demand of the service, the market of proofreading has also seen the entry of large number of players, and the market is gradually becoming a competitive one. But it is yet to be a perfectly competitive market as per the economic theory. The reason is simple. To be a proof-reader, you require having some specific qualities, which could not be grown overnight. Naturally, there should be a gap in between demand and supply of the efficient proofreaders, all over the world. Of course, the number of experienced, versatile and quality proofreaders is in shortage.

I talked to several writers, students as well few businessmen, who either frequently or infrequently require proofreaders to proofread their respective written piece of work. And several times, I found that they have got it done at a very cheap price and eventually most of the time remained grossly dissatisfied with the proofreading job. Another important thing I found that whenever I hit the internet to find a proof-reader, even for the most typical item to be proofread, there are large number of them offering the service and at different prices! How did it happen? Proofreading as a job is not very new, true, but it was not so abundant either even decade ago. The reason is simple, everyone, with even slightest knowledge of proofreading is offering the service to the market. As I said earlier, though the market is still lacking in the supply of really good proofreaders, yet you will find several proofreaders with different price tag to do your job. This large supply of proofreaders has resulted in virtually a price war in between the service providers.

How the not-so-efficient proofreaders are trying to capture the market? Only answer is offering huge discounts. Yes, to judge this discounting technique, once I asked several proofreaders about the price of a job, and to my astonishment, as soon as I was mentioning that someone has offered me a lower rate, there was not even a slightest hesitation on the other side to reduce their price instantly. What does it reflect? There is not actually any discounting or pricing policy. The only policy in the market is – arbitrarily setting of prices. Why this is happening? In fact the job of proofreading requires some very special skills on the part of the proofreaders.

The proof-reader should have the finest possible knowledge in the language in which they are offering the service. The proofreaders should know clearly the scope of the proofreading job and they must be honest in making the commitment to do a job. The honesty is an important factor, because you cannot find a proof-reader for every kind of writing in a particular organisation as proofreading any particular piece of writing requires a good practical exposure in dealing those type of writing. This means, being only an expert in language, it is not always possible to proofread a medical document or a legal one. You need to have a good working knowledge in that field to understand the logical construction as well as the terminologies used in that field.

But as the proofreading market is grossly an unorganised one till date, and as there is no standardization for the service as such, it is being flooded by anyone to woo the customers at any price to earn some money. A good proof-reader cannot offer you a steep discount, and it will never happen that once you will bargain, they will increase the amount of discount every time. This is not possible, because of the complexity of the job and the responsibility that the proofreaders have to undertake to proofread any writing. Yes you can always get proofreading discount, but be careful that discount policy should be standardised for a good professional proofreaders. Pricing policy cannot be flexible for a reputed proof-reader. They may offer you a discount but that will depend on some standardised pricing policy. So do not be attracted by a provocative pricing policy and the sweet words of the service providers, who are ready to do your job at a price which, you want to set by them. Yes you have to be cautious about the proofreading price. You have to go for the cost benefit analysis and as a customer you have every right to search for some discount, but the discount should not be to that extent that it will discount the quality of your piece of text rather than increasing it.