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Books are one of the most important parts of our daily lives. They provide a lot of information on various kinds of topics and teach on numerous aspects of life. But writing a book is a simple task when compared to making it compelling and attractive to the intended reader(s), because there is a wide variety of concepts that have to be paid attention to. One of the major steps that must be taken in order to make a book attractive and interesting for the readers is to making it 'perfect'. Here, 'making a book perfect' means the writer must pay consider areas such as grammar, the context of the book (fiction and non-fiction), the structure of the sentences, etc. If there is any flaw found in any of these areas, then the writer may not be able to succeed as a book writer; meaning that his career may become jeopardized.

In this regard, concept such as 'Book Proofreading' may come in very handy for the writers as they get a chance to review what they have written and thus ensure that it is 'perfect' for attracting readers and make the book compelling. It is imperative for the writers to ensure that aspects such as grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuations, etc. are absolutely perfect and 'spot on'. They are essential because of the reason that they hold the story together and also represent the book as polished and perfect. In essence, these areas are the 'nuts and bolts' for a book (fiction and non-fiction). If any of these areas is flawed, the performance of the book may diminish.

Book proofreading is also important from view point that it creates a perception in the minds of the readers that the writer has devoted time to making the book right and flawless. It affects them on a subconscious level, i.e. even if they are not pay attention to grammar and other such areas of the book, rather only the context, they still would appreciate the book, because of reason that they have been able to connect with the story narrated in it. This way the credibility of the book as well as the reputation of a writer can enhance significantly.

There are a many ways in which the process of book proofreading can be carried out easily and effectively. But the proofreader, be it the writer or an agency should consider areas such as sentence structure, grammar, punctuations, etc. for they are the life line of any book, if it is to succeed. One of the best ways that has worked wonders for the majority of the writers around the world is that is 'put the writing material on the side for a while'. This is an effective technique because of reason that it allows the writer to look at his writing from a fresh perspective, which would allow him to understand as to whether or not the sentences are making proper sense or they convey the same meaning that the writer wishes to present to the readers. Herein, it may not be wrong to say that looking at things from a fresh and new perspective is essential, mainly because of reason that it would allow the writer, proofreader or editor to identify different mistakes in the book and also take corrective actions to rectify the same.

Additionally, using this method would enable the author of the book to correct any punctuation errors as well. Similarly, another technique that can help in the process of proofreading is to identify own mistakes. This means that the writer must recognize his own weaknesses. In this sense, it can be said that the writer must know his own areas of shortcoming and then after the book has been written, re-read the whole book, from a critical view point and observe his own mistakes, such as grammar errors, or wrong sentence formation, incorrect use of punctuation marks, etc. This would allow the writer to identify his mistakes and then take steps to solve and correct them. This way the book can be made free from any kind of issues and mistakes on the part of areas identified above.

Other than this, a technique that has proved to be highly effective for numerous writers is read the work backward. This means writer must read the story or the whole, or even a section of it from end to start. It can be done either from sentence to sentence or from paragraph to paragraph. This would allow the writer to pay attention to areas of grammar and such other aspects rather than the story itself, or the characters, or the context of the book.

Therefore, it can be said that using this technique would allow the writer to stay focused on the task at hand to proof reading the book, and not deviate from it. Many times, it has been observed that those writers who use this technique would be able to develop a much effective book, devoid of any flaws and errors. This method of proof reading can be helpful, because of reason that it would help the writer in disconnecting from the story and just focus on the text, thus ensuring that mistakes, if any in the book, are eliminated, making it perfect and flawless.

Through this method, typographical errors can be removed with ease and comfort. In addition to it, the given technique will also allow the writer to look at the text from a completely different perspective, enabling him to make the book perfect and attractive as well; which the readers can enjoy. It has been observed that this technique of proof reading is especially very well suited for writing a cover for the book (fiction and nonfiction). Since it is one of the most important sections of the books, it is crucial that it entices the readers in the very first attempt and gains their attention. By using the method of proofreading backwards, writer would gain the ability to look at context and text of the book and make changes in it so that it comes out to be prefect and targeted readers can enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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