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Why is essay proofreading an essential part of academic life?

Essay Proofreading

Essay writing is a very important task given to the students at various levels of education and learning like at schools, colleges, higher education levels, Ph.D thesis, competitive exams, professional writers, publication houses, etc. This is a criterion to make an evaluation of the calibre of the student about the learning in a subject or topic. Other than this there are various other things which are judged for a student. But writing an essay is not a very easy task to perform. It requires lot of information about topic, writing skills, setting the flow of information in right order, knowledge of language and updated content of the essay.

Proofreading is the mechanism by which an essay is read over by the professional writer so as to find the mistakes committed by the writer and mark them so that these mistakes can be corrected. This is the last stage in the process of writing but is very crucial that leads to final submission or publication. Thus it holds a very crucial place in the writing industry as well as academic industry. The services these professional proofreading services provide are correction of typographical mistakes, spelling errors, grammatical issues, style of the content, punctuation marks, etc. These services prove to be of great benefits to the users. These benefits can be enlisted below:

1. Marks the mistakes The service of proof reading is basically is availed for getting the mistakes marked. The proof readers have a set of specific marks and language when they perform proof reading. These marks have a very specific meaning which can be understood by the professional writer or proof reader only. This facilitates the process of going through and marking of errors at a speedy manner. This just helps to make a note of various mistakes made by a writer like spelling mistakes, grammar errors, incorrect sentence formation, punctuation marks misplaced, repetition of content, etc. All these mistakes are marked by them in margins in red with a specific code or mark which can be understood by another proof reader to make necessary changes to the content of the essay.

2. Facilitate rechecking and correction Proof reading as the name itself suggest is the process of going through the content of the essay all over again to find the mistakes. This will lead to re-reading of the essay and help to improvise it for good result. Rechecking will let the independent reader to make note of the minor or major both errors which were left unnoticed by the writer and also the absence of any important information to make it upgraded. Therefore proof reading leads to the process of correction and content improvisation. Thus the level of the essay quality improves and becomes error free. Thus the chances of acceptance or approval of the essay increases immensely.

3. A check before final submission Proof reading leads to a rechecking process of the essay after making a final draft. When a writer writes an essay he goes with the flow of the content and in the course of speedy writing to write all the information that comes across his mind he tends to make minor mistakes. These minor mistakes although seems negligent from distance but creates a wrong impression in the minds of the reader for the writer. Mistakes denotes unprofessional and inexperienced attitude of the writer. This is eventually the result of defame and rejection on the end of the writer by the concerned authority.

4. Better grades or appreciation When an essay is written with all sincere efforts and dedication then also arise a minimum chance of mistakes in the content. These can be spelling mistakes, homonyms or words will different meaning but similar spelling misplaced, repetition of the content, and other. This shows the inexperience or short of training of the writer scoring him lesser marks or grades than the batch mates. Therefore essay proofreading services helps to solve these issues by going through the essay all over again, noting mistakes and making necessary corrections. This yields a student higher marks and grades.

5. Confident submission When the essay is sent for proof reading the writer can be assured of the correction of all the mistakes he has made or has missed while checking it while making the final draft. This can help him to save some time with the re-reading of the essay and preparing it for the final presentation or some other important task. When he gets the essay proof read from professionals he can confidently make the submission showing his affirmed trust in self and his dedicated work.

6. Sending right message to readers The proof readers also see that the message of the essay is in compliance of the topic while making note of the style, and other mistakes in spellings, punctuation and grammar. The essay should include all the information about the topic and should send across the right message and not the ambiguous meanings creating conflicts. This is the major thing checked for in essay writing for the student evaluation. Essay is not the flooding of information on a topic but the appropriate arrangement of information in order to reveal an important message to the reader.

7. Compliance of rules Essay sheet comes with the list of rules and compliance processes to meet while writing an essay. These rules and instructions should be kept in mind while writing. The proof readers make a detailed check of the essay seeing that all these necessary compliance to instructions are made by the writer in the essay. Missing on these rules can lead to rejection of essay or deduction of score. These rules help the proof readers to see whether the content is presented in the way demanded by the authorities or not. Writers in the anxiety, hurry and fear of essay preparation can sometimes forget to make necessary compliance. Thus proof readers make a minute review of essay to make it of top quality and getting approval and good grades for the student.