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A brief on manuscript editing and proofreading

Manuscript Editing

Manuscripts of any form of writing are the raw form of information which is put down on paper without proper presentation. This requires right guidance from an experienced and trained writer so as to find out the errors and make necessary corrections. This service is provided by the proof readers or the manuscript editors. They serve the client for their needs to make their piece of writing one with high quality, content and presentation without flaws. These professionals acquire due education, knowledge, training and experience to provide the most efficient services. They possess the knowledge from thorough educational learning and then intense training to get hold over the language and skills of writing. They help a fresher to get his document approved at his submission level and score either good marks or appreciation.

Proofreading is a process in which a proof reader or a professional writer performs the tasks of noting the mistakes and making corrections to the writing work. The things which a proof reader performs are making note of these mistakes: grammatical errors, typographical mistakes, spelling mistakes and others in a writing. The various things which are taken care of by a proof reader in proof reading includes checking language rules and settings, sentence structure, rules of grammar, relevance of information, and specific terminology related to topic.

Proofreading seems an easy task but it is not, rather it comprise of thorough review of the document irrespective of the volume of content and its source. Therefore this gives an assurance about the good quality of the content and it’s presentation. Proofreading services are important to a wide variety of people who are engaged in the writing work. These people are schools and college students, book authors, professional executives, and business people. Each of them have a specific need but the objective is to get a perfect writing free from any errors or mistakes which results in good grades or approval of a project.

The basic things which are checked for in proof reading is checking the compliance of rules of language’s grammar, appropriate use of punctuation marks, precision about the updated nature of its content, a check about correctness of numerical and values, correct flow of content, check about plagiarism of the content, correct spelling, correcting misplaced homonyms, repetition of information, appropriate jargon use, capitalization of the words as per rules, underuse of punctuation marks, flooding of information, incorrect tenses, incorrect formation of sentence, right vocabulary, and more. The proof readers go through the whole document and make use of various symbols and codes to mark the mistakes. These marking help the proof reader to make the necessary corrections at the later stage without wasting more time and energy. Thus the document is reviewed well before the final submission twice. Once when the proof readers first go through the content and the other time when he makes the corrections and makes the final draft. This helps to improvise the writing and make it at par with standards. The proof readers also make sure that the written document is as per the rules or compliance procedure given to the client. These proof readers are the professionals so they have a good working experience and knowledge about the formats and presentation framework. Thus they help a fresher or less experienced person to present a top quality with right presentation of information in a document that complies with all the needs and standards and sends across the right meaning. Thus the client not just saves time but also gets lot of confidence when he finally goes for the submission. The assurance of the professional assistance makes him free from anxiety and fear which is visible in his attitude. Additionally the saved time can be used to prepare for the final presentation or engaging in finishing other important task.

Manuscript is the hand written document or typed piece of writing which is proposed to be published in near future. Thus manuscript editing services helps the authors of the books, newspaper, magazines, journals, newsletters, etc. to get their writing reviewed and corrected. When the writer writes he is on the level of thinking and may not notice various minor mistakes which eventually makes a difference. These small errors makes the document look very unprofessional and below the standards. Also if the proper presentation is not worked upon the meaning of the information can get changed and create issues. This can be really harmful for the image and outcome desired by the writer.

These proof readers and manuscript editors extend their services to these starters to get at par documents which are ready to be approved or published. This also saves them lot of time by not indulging in the same document they already worked upon and invest it on other manuscript or writing style. When the manuscript is read by the writer himself, it reduces the chances of correction of all the errors and flaws as he is the one who produced it so he may miss on mistakes. On the other hand when an independent person reviews the writing he is totally new to it and is ought to put in more concentration and neutral attitude which will eventually help him to take note of the smallest of the mistakes like punctuation marks misplaced, spelling mistakes (most common are with “i”, “e”, “a”, “o”, etc. which makes similar sound but are spelled differently), homonyms (like than & then, these & this, their & there, etc.), repetition of the same information in the script or document, wordiness of the document, choosing the right word with exact meaning as in synonyms, etc. Also when the assistance of professionals are taken that will for sure give better results, satisfaction and image to the starter or less experienced writers.