More Features Of The Online File Editing Service

More Features Of The Online File Editing ServiceWhile discussing about the best online file editing service, there are more things to consider than just the editing capability. In fact, almost any online editing website does flawless job in creating and editing the document. Now lets compare what the best online editing services have to offer to the users.

The Storage Size
The online editing service usually has its own storage. What matters is how big the storage capacity is. Some popular online storages include google drive, dropbox and onedrive. These are the lists of compatible storage for the online editing service. In most cases, one single account has free storage limitation. For Google Drive, it is 15 GB, 2 GB for the dropbox and 5 GB for onedrive.
The storage size needed by each individual will be different, depending on how many projects they are working and what type of documents they choose. Some users might need bigger storage space to accommodate their documents. In this case, they could choose the monthly or annual plan for the upgrade. Google Drive has 100GB, 1TB, 10TB and 20 TB plan. Dropbox only offers two plans: 1TB per month or unlimited storage space. If the users prefer onedrive, there is 50GB monthly plan. It will be easier to subscribe to Office 365, since it give access to 1TB plan.

The Real Time Synchronization
The effectiveness of online editing service depends on its real time synchronization. First of all, it would be great when the users could upload, access and edit the pre-saved files. These are the basic feature that should work well. In order to support the real time discussion, some online editing service also have the desktop and mobile application. This way, the update could be accessed through many medias.  Another concern is the file accessibility. Some online editing judi bola site only have limited option for file formats. As the result, it will be difficult to open the documents if the contributors do not have the minimum OS requirement. Luckily, some editing services are developing document viewer that enables the users to view and edit the document through the online platform.  Aside from the editing aspect, there are two important point that every users should consider. The first one is the storage. For those who actively work over the internet, the bigger storage would be more convenient. The second one is the possibility to edit the documents offline. Not all online file editing service are compatible with Microsoft Office.

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