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06 Jun

9 free apps for English language learners

Today learning a language, be it English or any other is not a very difficult task to perform, because learners have access to not only various kinds of books and learning materials along with classes for the subject, they also have access to a large variety of free mobile applications available on their smart phones. Through such a technique, they can learn the language anytime anywhere on their own convenience. In this sense, it can be said that the advent of smart phones has become a boon for those individuals some other language than their native or mother tongue such as English.

English language learner

            One of them is Intro to Letters. It provides information about every alphabet in English language to the user(s). Herein students are provided with an option of tapping every letter, after which the app would inform them about various aspects of the letter such as its meaning, ways to use it, etc. Further, it also provides them information about the sound of the letter. Users can perform different tasks on the app, such as taking quizzes or solving puzzles, etc. Tracing program for practice also is a very helpful program of the feature, as it allows the user(s) to track their progress and then take necessary decisions to improve their progress.

Similarly, Hello-Hello English is another app available to be downloaded free of cost, is a very popular app to learn the language. This application was developed in association with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages so that effective programs can be developed to provide education on English language to the user(s). In this app, a virtual environment is created through a method also known as Mobile Immersion; it guides the student to develop a visually functional language. The app consists of 30 basic conversational lessons that are based on real-life situations. Features such as animated lessons, games and exercises enable the students to practice different aspects of the language such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, etc.

            SpeakingPal English Tutor is another such app that has been very popular among smart phone users to the language. It is an interactive app that uses a mobile phone’s speech recognition capability. It features a series of 5-minute mini-lessons, dialogs, interactive exercises, role-playing and language activities. Using the speech recognition technology, this app provides instant feedback on the students speaking performance and a review mode for later. It is available on iPhone and android for free.

Another very popular app is Busuu, as it is used by over 50 million iPhone users across the planet to learn languages such as French, Spanish, German, English, etc. It consists of an extensive vocabulary, dialogues as well as various interactive tests, through which learners of the language can gain knowledge about nearly 3000 words as well as expressions. In the app, more than 150 topics day to day situations related to the language are covered. It can be used by both beginner and advanced individuals. One of the best features of this mobile application is that users can give practice tests on the app to native speakers of the given language, who then can provide reviews, tips and help to improve proficiency in learning and understanding the language, and thus be able to make it an integral part of their daily lives.

            Supiki English Conversation Speaking Practice App has gained a lot off popularity as it has been downloaded over 800,000 times around the world by Android users and also has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in more than 45 countries. Supiki is the smart app that actually talks with the users. Supiki provides the topic and starts the conversation. Based on what users say, it responds in accordance with that. Spoken English of the users would improve because they would be practicing real conversations with the app, just as if they are talking to a normal individual who knows how to converse in English. Since the app talks to individual users just like a friend or teacher would interact with the person who doesn’t know English, there is a much better chance that they may improve their command over the language significantly.

            ESL Daily English is another very popular app for initiating lessons in advanced English. It consists of a podcast for ESL students, which they can either download or save for later viewing and listening. In addition to this, each of the post can be translated into the native language of the learner so that they can understand it easily and effectively. Students or learners can socialize with others on the app learning the same language and leave their comments about the episodes they have experienced. This way, users get an opportunity to interact with one another and learn the language as well.

            Sentence Builder is another application, which was developed for iPad users. It is one of the most popular ESL apps for the younger student. Furthermore, the app also provides varied kinds of images and videos which show different words and phrases of the language in jumbled form, which students are required to join together so as to form a proper English sentence. It’s one of the prime features is that it has a very simple and intuitive interface, which allows learners to build sentences and then identify their mistakes. This way they can take corrective steps for bringing an improvement in such recognized areas.        

            Voxy is another app for both beginner as well as an advanced learner to enhance their knowledge about English language, and slowly become proficient at it. The app creates personalized and customizable lessons for users based upon the level they may be at. It consists of skill-based lessons, meaning that if a user has crossed certain amount of levels, i.e. they have developed some specific skills for the language; they are given harder lessons, so that they grasp more knowledge about the language and become a master at it. In addition to it, users also have the option to take private lessons from native speakers of the language to improve their own skills. The app is free for both Android as well as iPhone users.

Similarly, Linqapp – Language Assistance helps in resolving the issue of being non-efficient at the language of users, by enabling them to contact native speakers instantly and that too for free. The app does not provide automated lessons, nor does it provides any translators. This means that the users have to improve constantly their command over the language, or else they would not be able to use it properly and effectively. Its most prominent feature is that it builds a bridge between the user(s) of the app, i.e. the learner and native speakers of the language. This way they can interact with one another and share their experiences, tips and tricks to learning the language soon and becoming a master of it. High quality human powered translations are another feature that has made the app very popular among those who want to learn English language.

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