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03 Jul

30 Ways to Make an Effective Business Presentation

Business presentations are an important part for any manager or executive of the corporate to build up a successful career. These are the keys to unlock the potential opportunities to rise in the business world. Below are some ways using which one can actually make an effective Business presentation:

1. Be your own stage manager

To win over any issues arising because of mishandling or miscommunication between the presenter and presentation handler, manage your presentation on your own. Manage the presentation, flow of information and meeting as per your convenience

2. Contain only necessary Information

Take note of this important thing that presentation should only include key points or the important jargons. Avoid flooding the presentation slides with a lot of words. Keep it short with necessary information or data and sweet as that gives room for you to explain at length

3.Keep it short and impactful

The content as much short will create more curiosity and will leave more impact on your audience. Wordiness will not only make slides unattractive, but the audience will get diverted with reading of slide than your explanation of statistics and data

4.Present the information

Use the keywords to present the data you want to present and then control the show with your skills. Keep a balance between slide timing and your presentation to the audience to avoid chaos.

5.  Put the bottom line up front

Use the keywords or the message you want to send across upfront throughout. Do not let the length of presentation take away the whole message.

6. Body language

The body language of presenter speaks louder than words. So keep calm and relax to avoid sending negative messages. Prepare your presentation well to handle issues confidently at the meeting.

7.Focus more on what you will say and how you will say

Making the presentation is effective only when the presenter is able to speak well with what is to said at the presentation. Therefore make note of what is to be said, what not to be said and how the things are to be said to create maximum impact.

8. Exceed audience expectations

Keep a track of what kind of audience you are going to deal with, prepare it in such a fashion that you are able to exceed the expectation of audience coming for the presentation.

9.  Put yourself in shoes of someone who knows nothing about it

The presentation should be made keeping in mind that you are going to speak to people who do n't know anything about the subject matter or issue of the presentation.

10. Trigger reaction from audience

While giving presentation keep in mind to prompt out the response from the audience to keep the energy level as well as interest in the whole thing high.


The basic and very easy rule to govern the whole show and win the situation will be to keep the presentation, information and communication as simple as you can. This will enhance understanding and conversation between you and audience.

12.Use natural humour

To keep the boredom away and to create light environment make use of some natural form of humour. Crack a light joke on reaction; share a short funny incidence, spontaneous, witty answer, etc. will keep things light.

13.Practice a lot

The only key to overcome hurdles is practice. This will make you confident and well prepared for the presentation.

14.Keep in mind some Don'ts:

a) be self-protective, b) pretend you know something if you don't, c) try to make your way out of anything, and d) extend the presentation after content over.

15. Let your real personality show

Do not portray yourself as some other famous speaker or do not copy any one style. Just be yourself in your colours.

16.Be more dynamic

The presenter should be prompt, spontaneous to reactions, active, energetic and into the presentation.

17.Keep eyes on audience

Keep noticing your audience to tune your show accordingly. See where they are enjoying or how to make it more lively to avoid boredom.

18.Must have toolkit

The presenter must carry his toolbox with necessary things that will be needed during the presentation. All computer accessories, props, sheets, etc.

19.Start with a why

To give a kick start to the show begin the presentation with a question. The question should relate to your message and will keep the presentation connected.

20.Do an analysis of audience

Before making presentation, study about your audience. This will help you to deal with the situations well.

21.Keep it brief

The presentation should contain relevant information and statistics, but it should be short to avoid issues of the audience feeling inactive and sleepy. Lengthy presentations are mostly lost.

22.High energy level

Keep your energy levels high to transmit same though the audience. Do not feel unnecessary worked up.

23.Use good connectors

These should be used to connect two topics well. For example: however, furthermore, meanwhile, consequently, finally, etc.

24.Speech rhythm

Keep an active and constant rhythm while speaking. Maintain a variation in your pitch and stresses wherever necessary but do not be just flat.

25.Don’t read slides rather tell stories

Never attempt to read slides therefore practice. Use keynotes and relate stories and incidences to make presentation lively and interesting.

26.Make complicated simple

Simplify any information used in the presentation to send across the right message.

27.Message that you want to drive home

The presentation should start with the declaration of a 'big idea'. The presenter should follow with 3/4 points to support that, bring it back around and restate that to summarize.

28.Use visuals, not words

A great business presentation must control visual storytelling in order to capture audience's attention. This way concept is more likely to be remembered. Visuals are recalled six times better than words so make use of more pictures.

29.Deck should be mobile-optimized

Use high contrasting colors to increase readability and help images stand out. Look for opportunities to replace words with pictures.

30. Respond to the audience like a DJ.

Pay attention to how people are responding and adjust the mood in real-time. Feeling their interests and responding is key to success of the presentation.

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