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08 Jul

12 content writing tips that make great content

Professional writers are not born but made. Writing in addition to talent is a skill that can be developed over the period of time. There are some small things to be kept in mind or secret rules to follow so as become a good content writer like a professional. With the gradual practice, these rules tend to become a habit, and after that it smoothly flows when you pen down your thoughts. Below mentioned are some secrets.

1. Stay in research mode at all times

Professional writers are not born like a genius who knows everything, but they read and acquire knowledge with an investment of time and their lifetime. A writer is one who can present their thoughts well, and this comes from reading. A content writer should always be in the habit of researching information. This way they will read a lot and learn a lot of things.

2. Write in your own unique style

On developing a habit of continuous reading, a writer becomes capable of expressing things. They read and learn how thoughts are expressed. Then after that, the writer can develop their own unique style to expressing their thoughts. The uniqueness is very essential to make you outstand the crowd. Otherwise, you will just remain a copy paste clerk who is good at writing what others say or has written. So do not attempt to be an imitator, bring up your potential to write in your own words using your ideas and views

3. Talk about one thing only bottom line point

A good writer sticks to a point; they don’t keep on juggling with many things at a time. This is the bad thing that will not just create a distraction but a bad impression for your readers who will not comprehend your ultimate message. Start to brief amount the message you will be talking about throughout the text, elaborate the things in the middle or body of the text and then finally sum up by expressing your viewpoint on the subject matter for which you took up the task.

4. Depth and length should match

A writer should keep in mind the message and the amount of text be written. The message should be consistent with the volume of the text. A simple and brief topic that could be summed up in few hundreds of words should not be extended to volumes of pages just to show how well you can write in detail. That will put off the readers and keep them away from the message. The depth of the subject matter or the message should fall in line with the amount of content written avoiding unnecessary repetition, wordiness, and boredom.

5. Find a unique angle to cover your topic

The content of the text should always be written in a manner that supports or helps the writer to sum up his crux of the subject matter. The unnecessary wandering over from one point if the view to other of the topic will just confuse your reader. Like, if you support positive aspect talk more on that, not on the negative aspect, that way you will deviate.

6.Spend as much time on your title as you do write

A writer spends more time to understand the topic or the title to cover up to develop a detailed understanding. This way he will be able to build up his own perspective, develop content mentally and then write in an organized fashion. Thus, spend as much time as you can afford to decode the title and then invest time to write on it.

7. Make the first sentence best

A well-known idiom says, “Well begun is half done.” Therefore, a good writer begins his writing with the best sentence that kicks start the whole communication of ideas. The beginning helps to build up a rapport with the reader, and that is what will help him to stay until the end.

8. Craft an irresistible lead

Build up a good research on the topic and then begin with a good briefing. The more powerful the beginning so should be the body and summary. The more coordinated, organized and well-expressed body of the text the reader will be forced to finish off reading.

9.Kill the hype. Keep it believable

The writer should avoid creating an environment of the dream world. He should rather get more of the information and thoughts which relates to the reality and are easy to believe. Believable writing is easy to digest as well as comprehend otherwise the hype can take away the show when you will summarise a believable crux that will be unexpected to their imaginary world.

10.The close is as important as the lead

Summarizing holds as much importance as the beginning, and the body as that will sum up the whole show. If the things explained in the lead or the body of the text are not well summarized that will create a bad impression in the eyes of the reader as he will be left confused and stuck up. The summary will enable you to sum up all your work in few lines to convey writer's own thought and views based on reality.

11.Plain writing is best

Do not attempt to go sophisticated using complex language and puzzled form of expressing things. That will just complicate the readers understanding. Rather the writer should keep things simple and plain which will solve his purpose to send across his message to the reader.


Making corrections is the key to perfection. Therefore, a writer should edit the text after making the first draft. Errors are normal but they should be corrected. Proof read the first draft that will make you come across the small mistakes that were made while writing. Make these corrections, correct the flow and edit the text to make it to a perfect level.