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19 Dec

How To Write An Eye-Catching Resume

TO make anything eye catching, it must look proportionately accurate, carry a gloss and should be able to convey a message which should positively influence the eyes of the beholder. An attractive resume should have a nice template, which can be a self-formatted one or a template from the house of design experts. A professional looking template complements the content of a resume. The proportions of a resume, likeself-introduction and personal details, should be mentioned clearly and precisely. It should be simple, yet have a good USP (unique selling proposition) about the candidate. This USP can create a positive perception about the candidate and can help in changing the outcome of the selection process. Most of us have been to famous schools where we learnt good skills and participated in sports which are important to mention in a stylish manner in resumes as well. This will portray an all-rounder image of the candidate and increases the chances of the resume getting selected for an interview call. To know more as to how to make an eye catching resume, we must keep in mind that our resume should look simple, smart and of course workable for us to get a desired job. We often use many designs and sometimes write some eye-catching statements to make our resume look great,but it does not work all the time.Hence caution should be observed while designing the resume.

Things to keep in mind while writing a resume:

  • A resume should be simple and written in simple languages.
  • The resume should consist of our achievements.
  • It should be to the point so that the employer can easily make a simple and easy choice of selecting the resume on the first go.
  • While writing resume we should be very cautious about selection of words.
  • We should not use repetitive words and be specific about what we want to say about yourself.
  • We should use proper font and highlight the important section of the resume in bold letters and always try to keep the resume clean and smooth.

Writing an interesting resume in an easy format catches an employer's eye in the first instance. A resume should be like a portrait of yourself with all our achievements, be it personal or professional, nicely described in it, so that the employer can understand the candidature's potential strengths and positive enthusiasm. The resume shall also entail about the weaknesses of the candidates so that if a question is asked on the interview board it can be very easily be answerable by the interviewee. In fact, this portion should be very carefully prepared and even though it's a weakness, it should sound like a weakness that is progressive, and that the candidate is making a conscious effort to overcome the weakness every day. An interviewer is not interested to know what a candidate is lacking in life, rather, he is more interested to know what a candidate does to overcome such bottlenecks. This is a method by which one is able to stand out of the crowd and is able to sell oneself easily. This is how a USP is created and become a hit as the candidate writes about themselves honestly, and makes a conscious effort to acknowledge the weakness and tries to overcome it.

A resume should not just list the name of the companies where one has previously worked, it will sound boring and employer will lose interest in the resume. Rather, It should describe in a crisp way about what one has done in the previous jobs the achievements. A resume gives an employer numerous clues as to why they should consider the candidate and should feel excited in knowing the candidate more by looking at the resume. To give some personal touch to a resume one can put a logo at the top or at the bottom of the resume. The format should be easy to read with less jumbling of columns, and the font should be readable and not distracting. This will be easy for anyone to glance over the resume quickly and will be able to gather much information about the candidate and shall be able to move on with the selection process. The objective of making an eye catching resume is ultimately to get a candidate selected for a job and bring out factors for which a resume should get selected among the other resume. The process of a job hunt is an art which starts from making an eye catching resume, which is the first step towards success.