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18 Feb

7 Reasons of joining/liking a Proofreading Facebook page

Proof reading services are the very important services available to those writers for whom submission and approval of any article or assignment or essay counts a lot. The professional proofreaders help these customers to read the draft before the final submission with motive to find any errors and flaws. These are not just restricted to the spelling mistakes but also relates to the grammatical issues, punctuation placement, choice of right word, homonyms, synonyms, rules of sentence formation, subject-predicate agreement, subject-verb agreement, flow of the content, unnecessary repetition of the same content, excess word limit, etc. These may sound very minor mistakes but they hold a very important role to make an assignment or essay the best. These mistakes mould the meaning of the words and create a lower profile of the writer. The best piece of writing is where the writer is able to send across the same meaning he wants to the reader. These professionals create their identity on the internet in form of facebook pages that can be seen by many people or prospective customers. These facebook pages are more personal and user friendly than the websites to share and receive the new updates. These are nothing but the online identity of the proof readers on facebook to share their services and get the feedback from the people. They should be liked or joined for following reasons:

  1.       Sharing the benefits with others

If you have experienced the benefits of proofreading service ever, you should join the page. If you had a good experience with these proof readers and their services it surely deserves a like. This shares these experiences with other people who are searching for these services. Your likes or appreciation can surely bring benefit to other people by reducing their searching time and placing higher reliance. Sharing is always good as we learnt in primary school, so is sharing a like on the good experience of the proof reading services.

  1.       Mentioning some good experiences

On these facebook pages the service receivers like students, scholars, research associates, professionals, or entrepreneurs can visit and share their personal experiences. This help to spread learning across the web with other prospective customers looking for the feedbacks of the people. If you have had a good experience with such services, you should put in efforts to come up and share your positive feedback about them. Write a brief testimonial as a comment and share with your friends.

  1.       Creating the awareness amongst friends

Joining the Proofreading facebook page of these proof readers and sharing it on your wall will help others to get aware of these proof reading services. Also this will keep you posted with the new updates about them and their services. In addition to that you can contribute to help some other person who is looking for such services but is finding difficulty. Just as it is for you that referred services are more trusted than ones which are searched from the huge number.

  1.       Appreciating the services

The good work should always be appreciated. That pays the person far more than the money you pay him or her. The mouth publicity is the best form of publicity as there is presence of the personal experience. If you have received a fine quality of proof reading services scoring you good grades, that calls for the appreciation for them. You should right away visit the facebook page and write few words to complement the good quality of work and the advantage that has arisen for you. Believe these words help these proof readers as well as the new service receivers.

  1.       Getting updates with new developments

When you join a group or like a page you get connected with more number of people of that community. Thereby you can help yourself to get updated with all the new happenings ad shared stuff on the page. That will come as the new services provided by the providers, discount schemes, new benefits, other people who are associated with the, etc. This is the easiest way to get associated with a bigger community by sharing your own experiences. This is a voluntary way of getting invites and updates for new things initiated in the proof reading services. This helps the professionals to improvise their ways of delivering enhanced services to the customers.

  1.       Becoming part of social community

This way you can get to know of some other social groups, communities, and pages. Just the way your single facebook like and share can benefit someone else so is the share of someone can benefit you. This way you become part of a bigger community or group sharing, updating and growing together. Becoming part of such professional community will always ensure learning, informative activity and knowledge appraisal. Without much of the efforts and cost one can get opportunity o socialise with the diversified group of people.

  1.       Contributing some personal learning on a platform

This is a way a person is able to share an experience or learning on a platform having whole world as its audience. Your feedbacks, complements, appreciation and like can work wonders at a bigger platform. You are open to share your personal views and experiences that has generated from the mutual encounter. You can always write some informative things for others to experience like some guidance points, advices, a checklist to follow, ways of getting assistance, motivating article, etc. This will benefit other people who are new to these professional proof reading services and also can help these professionals to upgrade their services for higher customer satisfaction.