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The purpose of academic writing and the business writing is entirely different. In academic writing you write the assignments or thesis to answer some specific assignment question or to provide new thoughts and ideas on a particular subject matter to enrich the field to which your research belongs. You require representing your ideas and thoughts using deductive logic, researched information so as to provide logical validity to your view on the assignment or research topic. The purpose is to persuade the readers of your academic writing to accept your views or answers by representing your critical analysis and logical reasoning with proper clarity and preciseness so as to earn the respect and the applaud of the readers and evaluators of your piece of work.

The purpose of business writing is way different from the purpose of an academic writing. In business writing the contents of the writing could be different depending on the purpose of the writing. The purpose could be to issue direction and instructions to the employees to the organisation or sometimes to circulate decisions of the management regarding any particular functioning of the organisation. Sometimes the writing could be issued with the purpose of informing the employees about the new development and strategic visions of the organisation. The business writing for the outsiders of the organisation could be a kind of business proposal to a third party, or could be in the form of advertisement to market the products and services offered by the company. Whatever may be the purpose of the business writing the contents should be enough effective to develop the intended response from the audience to whom the writing has been issued.

Writers invest dedicated effort to develop the content according to the purpose of their writing so as to make the piece of text precise, flawless as well as to persuade the readers to understand and accept the views reflected by the contents or to develop the intended action from the audience. Especially in case of academic writing like vital assignments or thesis papers, the writes used to go through a brainstorming session to prove their point. But writing a good content does not serve the purpose of communicating the thoughts and message of the writers, if the content is not free from any grammatical, typographical and logical errors.

In spite of the best effort of the writers to make the first draft perfect at each and every aspect, errors are inevitable. This is because of the fact that the writers usually engage themselves in their own creative thinking of writing the content in the most attractive and logical way. In this process always some errors will creep into the piece of text which is practically unavoidable. There could always be some words which are misplaced, some typographic error will always be there and the verbs could be also be used in a confusing way. Moreover there will be some mechanical mistakes which is unique for the writers and which is almost impossible to identify by the writers. At the end, there could also be some error in the construction of sentences which may wipe out the logical meaning as well as the sequence of the entire content some times.

Thus to make the writing, be it for the academic or business purpose, most effective and professional, the first draft must be subjected to the editing and proofreading. Where proofreading is required to correct the mistakes apparent, like typographic errors, errors in spelling and use of grammar, editing is required to make the writing most meaningful and flawless so far as the logical construction of sentences, the use of proper wordings as well as the use of key words are concerned.

Editing is all about taking an in-depth analysis of your writing. Increasing the flow of the text as well as the attention of the readers is one of the most important purposes of editing. To make the entire work most meaningful and to logically valid the arguments you have made, editing sometimes may require rewriting of a substantial portion of your writing.

There are various ways to edit the business or academic documents. Sometimes the authors themselves undertake the editing job. But the empirical evidence suggests that editing becomes most effective when done by the professionals who are dedicated for editing different types of writing. The professional editors could be found in various ways. You can directly contact them for getting your work edited. For articles or novels, the editing is done by the editors of the publishing house. But in case of academic writing or business writing, it is the responsibility of the academic or business writers to get their text edited from an efficient editor. Now a day the most obvious choice is to go for the online editing as offered by various online editing services. In fact with the unprecedented advancement of internet technology, the online editing services are the best way to get academic or business writing edited. There are various advantages of choosing an online editing service for your academic and business writing. The first one is the quickest possible service and 24 hours service of the online companies. Being an organised market, you can get the best possible online editor at cheapest possible cost. Each company has a vast pool of experts at their disposal than an off line service organisation. The reason is simple. The online companies can avail the services of the editors from any country and at any point of time as per your requirement. They employ their editing experts for various subjects and various types of business writing belonging to different industries, from practically, anywhere of the world.

Most of the online services will provide you the first draft of their edited documents within minimum possible hours, and being online, you can communicate your requirement at any point of time during the editing work. The online editing service companies also offer various rates for various types of services and you can avail one depending upon your requirement. For example, if you need your writings to be edited quickly on an emergency basis, you will have to pay some extra price to avail that service and if you agree, your job will be done within the stipulated time period in the best possible manner and in the most professional way.

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