The Limitations of Online File Editing Service

The Limitations of Online File Editing ServiceThe modern world provides online services for almost everything, no exception for the online file editing service. It gives a lot of access and options, so many people think they donÆt need the offline software as long as they could be connected to internet service. Unfortunately, the great online services have some limitations.
1. Works In Limited Online Storage
When the users start using the online editing service, not all of them have readable format. For example, working with online Ms Office will require the users to save all the documents in either SharePoint or OneDrive. Otherwise, the document cannot be read by the system. This limitation is easy to overcome, but many agen bola terpercaya users are still surprised to learn about the fact.
2. Standard Functionality
The point of online editing service is the editing aspect. Therefore, it will be quite difficult to find the online services that could cover the whole function of Ms Office. That is why the users still need the offline application to help with the proper editing.
3. Specific File Support
As the users know, there are many file formats to work with. Each of them are suitable to specific purposes. This is where the online editing service hits its limitation. Aside from .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and PDF, there is no format available. Those who need CSV or .rtf files still have to converse the documents.
4. Requires additional conversion
In addition to the file format limitation, the -x ending in each file format indicates that the file could be opened only in the lastest version of Ms Office. The users who still use the older version might have difficulties to access the document.
5. Has No Password
There are a lot of hijacking happened to online documents. Therefore, Ms Office has the password protection to the document files. Unfortunately, the users cannot lock their online documents. If some encrypted documents with password is uploaded, the online sites cannot open it either.
6.Limited File Size
Not all meetings could be summarize in one or two pages only, especially after all the editing. Therefore, the file size might be bigger than expected. If the users have meet the maximum file size allowed, they will be directed to open the documents on offline application.
There is nothing wrong with discussing project in real time via internet connection. The computer users could take notes and write down the details using the online documents as well. However, donÆt have high expectation on it. There are some things that the online file editing service cannot do, too.

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