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Proofreading is a process that is very distinctive from revising. It is the very last step that is adopted by the readers in order to make sure that the text is presentable. Apart from doing some minor changes it also involves doing some extensive editing. It is not merely about having a look what has been written, but the motive is to present the work with lots of perfection. It is very essential to have an inspection on the language and layout. Errors can be very difficult to identify, so it is very important to read the text carefully to make sure that nothing is missed by the reader. It is evident that many companies design their respective online website for the purpose of conducting their business operations and to reach their potential customers. People also make a visit at these websites in order to get information about the company and to fulfill other needs. In such scenario, it is essential for these firms to make sure that they reflect information on the website in perfect manner avoiding any kind of mistakes. This can be done by doing proofreading. Hence the process of website proofreading can be as follows:

  • Spelling mistakes and punctuation – One of the foremost things to is to check the spellings of the words that are to be published on the websites. Proofreading can help in figuring out this mistake. No word is to be spelled wrongly as the readers can misinterpret it. Wrong spelling can spell out wrong meaning of the word. Spelling mistakes are very common mistakes but can leave a bad impression on the minds of the readers. A spell check will make sure that there is no misrepresentation of words. Punctuation helps in reflecting sense, clarity and stress in sentences. Punctuation marks are used to bring structure to the work and to organize the content. It means the use of comma and apostrophes must be done in effective manner. Incorrect use of punctuation marks can really transform the meaning of content, something else for the readers.

  • Grammar checking –Next important part of proofreading is to do grammar checking. Use of grammar must be perfect from the side of the company while placing any content on the company. Proofreading can help in figuring out this mistake also. The use of nouns, pronouns, verbs, abbreviations, adverbs, adjectives, etc. is needed to be strong. Without grammar, any kind of sentence or content is incomplete. For instance, if a website is focusing on the history of the company, then it should use "The Company" instead of A company. The content placed on the website should speak out its meaning correctly otherwise readers will have to face a lot of difficulties.

  • Use of language – Another important thing that is to be done at the time of proofreading is to use a correct form of language. Proofreading can help in figuring out this mistake also. A website must be designed with the use of rich and affluent language in the contents. Language must be strong and effective on the minds of the readers. Confusing similar words must not be used and words with similar spelling or pronunciation but having different meanings must be avoided. Whatever the language is, but it should be used in effectual manner. It should be adequate enough to make a connection with the readers. Use of short and incomplete words must be edited, and it indicates unprofessionalism. The language is required to be in formal and proper manner. There should be through explanation of the sentences.

  • Typography – the next thing to do while the course of proofreading is to ensure proper typography. It is about presenting the content in a proper style and structure. Proofreading can help in figuring out this mistake also. While placing any content on the website, there should be proper spaces after every word or sentence. Incorrect use of trademarks and dates must be avoided. The information presented on the website is to be relevant and accurate. Use of numbers and figures must be seen clearly.

  • Accuracy in information – the next stage in the proofreading process is to check the accuracy level of the content published on the website. Proofreading can help in figuring out this mistake also. The website must not use any irrelevant and wrong data related to the business of the company. Facts and real figures must be seen at the website. There should not be any manipulation of the information, and all facts are to be presented in the manner as they are. Apart from that there should be transparency in all the information so that everything is clear in the minds of the readers. All content must be placed on the website along with proper justification and reasons. Place a double check on all facts, figures, and proper names. If information is to be inserted at the last duration, it is essential to highlight the omission prominently so that no one forgets to do so.

  • Revise again -The last step of the proof reading process is to revise all the things that have been done. Look for all the mistakes that are explained in the above section. Grammar, language, spelling, punctuation, accuracy, typography, etc. are to be revised again all to make sure that all Things are done correctly. It happens that even small mistakes are caught at the end of the work. Hence revising again is very essential for bringing more perfection within the work.

Hence at last it can be said that the process of proofreading is not easy to implement. Proofreading is an essential activity for any kind of work whether it is a website proofreading or something else. It brings quality and perfection in the content and makes sure that it is understandable for the people. The main elements of proofreading that is grammar check, spelling check, format & styling, punctuation, etc. are to be made in effective manner. These elements can identify the wrong spots and errors easily. It will help in presenting the work in more better and professional manner.

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